A fashion brand with a poetic mentality.

"Naive perhaps, but I have always wanted to do things in a poetic way. No more, no less. A poetic mentality (and poetry reading) has helped me deal with life's hardships and joys in a deeper and more true way. My years in fashion has made me realize this: no matter our body shape, height, or age, we're all human beings trying to balance logic and emotion, warm and cold, happiness and sadness. With Swedish Poetry I want to support this life approach through classic, versatile clothing, way beyond ephemeral trends. I'd like us to try to relate to each other a little more, and let the outside matter a little less."

— April 2022, Alexander Stutterheim, Creative director, Swedish Poetry.

We're based on a Swedish Island.

Swedish Poetry's headquarters are based on Öland, a big island 490 kilometers south of Stockholm. The brand's beating heart is an old factory we call Fåken, the local word for the mighty blizzard that hits Öland in wintertime. We do everything at Fåken except production. Product shootings, SoMe planning, it is more fun and genuine that way. All meetings, image shootings, and warehouses are based here. Fåken is also open to all kinds of experimentations and ideas.

Responsibility in production.

We believe in quality over quantity. In zero waste. In craft production with a purpose, and the wearer in mind. And in durable, sustainable clothing that will be there for the next generation, and hopefully the one after that. Always true to our legacy, always true to our community, always true to our sense of timeless, lasting verve and style. At Swedish Poetry, we hold the resources we are blessed to work within the highest esteem. We are proud and honored to work with some of the most talented craftspeople around. And we will do all we can to not overproduce. (Any surplus production will of course be recycled.) That's about it. Ok, one more thing. Our raincoat is made of 100% recyclable material (of course.)
Welcome to Swedish Poetry.